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August 2020
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Pump Failure
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When Pittmans were picking up sap on 3/27 the transfer pump we purchased in 1997 finally ended its service to pump sap from the Harmon Woods to the tanker truck.  over the last 5 years it had pumped 210,000 gallons of sap and before that probably another 400,000 gallons since we put it into service. We had purchased a backup pump in 2011 so all we had to do was switch the fittings from the old pump to the new one. The new  pump started up right away and will be a nice improvement over the original pump since it has more pumping capacity. 

The last two days were slow sap days since there was no freezing temps - highs were 65 and 51.   We ran the vacuum during the day but it only runs about 25% of a normal run.  Last night it dropped to 25 with a high of mid forties with sun so should be a good running today and the forecast shows freezing temps for the next 3 nites. 
The pressure gauge in the new booster was at 11 yesterday so we are now getting good vacuum in the west section.  I was able to find the small leaks in the far west section - when you fix one leak you usually find another since the vacuum has increased. The snow in the harmon woods has finally gone down -  it is only in the far north sections.  I was able to take Bruce’s ATV throughout most of the woods for the first time.  It’s much easier to check for broken sections of line.  You drive a short distance and then turn off the engine and listen for vacuum leaks.  After checking lines I went to the Harmon Pickup tanks and helped pump out about 2800 gallons of sap using the new pump.  It started quickly but Jason’s pump on the truck didn’t work.  Maybe next time both pumps will be working.   All the tanks were brushed out and emptied to keep them clean so the sap quality is excellent.   Sam Milliren drove up in his tracked gator to check on things with Jason and I.
After this I went to homewoods since Jim had to drive bus for 3 hours.  I checked bill hill, south hill and the lower road section for leaks.  I tied off the 3/4 line to a large maple where it bends around the creek to take the pressure off of the line.  I found a few minor leaks and then turned off the vacuum pump about 6pm and then headed to Beav’s for dinner with Jim. There was about 225 gallons in the tank.  We had the Thursday special - turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes and along with a couple of spotted cow draft beers. 

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