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August 2020
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Two Tanker Day
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The day was cloudy and cool.  low 28 and high 44 - below normal again.  THere is still a lot of snow on the north facing slopes.  This resulted in another high volume sap run of about 5,000 gallons. When I turned on the vacuum it was pouring in - pressure went to 23 and increased to 25 when I took the pressure off of the vacuum hose from the pump to the exchanger.  Downward pressure was causing the fit to not be tight. The exchanger was cycling at 36 seconds or a volume of about 500 gallons per hour. When the sap started the cycle was at 18 seconds.  At 10:30 I helped Marlo Bauer load up the tanker (2.980 gallons) and at 5pm Jason and visitor Cory Grape picked up about 3,100 gallons.  The sap is still running at a rate of about 250 gallons per hour so we should get a good amount before it stops running tonite.  Forecast is freezing temps the next three nights so it probably is the last big sap run as the temps start to warm after this date.  Jim delivered 582 gallons from the homewoods and has another 250 gallons ready for tomorrow.  We now have about 30,000 gallons of sap and 1,000 gallons of syrup.

After picking up sap I drove up to the Harmon woods to check on things. Found a few air leaks and noticed the new 1″ drain line in the west was having surge problems.  The vacuum gauge was at 16 so we had good vacuum.  This years there are no lines apart, drops disconnected from spiles or spiles out of the trees.  Our plan to insert the new clear spiles for the entire length of the drain line and making sure the spiles are pounded in securely are working. 
Yesterday Brent and I put in two new sap lines by his deer stand that hook into the new blue vacuum line.Only one more line to put in and the big project to increase sap flow in the west is completed.  Brent and I started the vacuum pumps at 1:30 and they ran till almost 10pm since clouds moved in late afternoon to delay the freeze.  A dusting of snow fell overnite - the first precipitation since the season started.   Pressure was dropping in the afternoon and this caused the trees to give up their sap.  It was the highest running day of the year. We also took a load of sap from the homewoods to pittmans and Jason picked up a tanker at Patnode Lane. After delivering the homewoods sap we checked on the harmon tanks - right before the tanks the deer started running across the road - about ten of them. 

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