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August 2020
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Project Complete
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Brad took off work Tuesday afternoon to work in the woods with me.  We put in the last sap line in the west section that we started reworking last fall  - Brent and I had put in two lines the week before. To eliminate the air bubbles coming back at the booster we needed to check the drain line to ensure it always was in a downward angle.  Armed with a level Brad and I headed down the 2800′ length of the line - adjusting it up or down as needed as we inspected the entire line as it dropped about 200 feet along it’s length.  After circling back along the far east 1″ line (finding a few small vacuum leaks) to the booster we observed that the sap was all being sucked by vacuum into the drain line so it was a job well done.  

We also made sure the new slough line was also draining correctly at a downward angle.  Along the inside dam we pounded 3 fence posts to hold the line before it passed over the top of the dam.  By doing this the vacuum will work more efficiently to the far end of the slough section. 
The sap ran until Jim shutoff the vacuum wagon about midnite.  About another 5,000 gallons collected. 
On Wednesday the sap ran very good again - 27 low and 48 high -  from 9:30 to 10:30pm so about another 5,000 gallons. I tapped the final tree that Brad found untapped on Tuesday on the NE slope at Harmons. 
The homewoods (1000 taps) ran about 900 gallons as the north facing hills started to run hard.  At the Homewoods Jim and I used his extension ladder to tighten and ensure the drain line off of the SW hill was at the proper angle.  It’s about 12′ high and looked good after completing.  We also noticed a dead maple near the collection tank so took out the drop and replaced it with a connector.  I think we are finally at full optimization for collecting sap.  The vacuum pressures are good (25 at Harmons / 17 at Homewoods), all trees now tapped and no major leaks. 
As o today we have about 1200 gallons of syrup and 35,000 gallons of sap.   The next 3 days should be warm but then a strong cold front is coming.  The forecast shows freezing temps for 5 days in a row starting next Tuesday.  Hopefully with our use of new clear spiles installed each year and using vacuum the tap holes will remain fresh.
Jim is doing a bus run this afternoon so I’m in charge until he gets back tonite.  I’m then off to Green Bay friday to sunday for the KC bowling tournament.  

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