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August 2020
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Storm Coming
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Yesterday’s high was 68 with a low this morning about 36.  Tomorrow the major storm starts with rain in the afternoon after freezing tonite.  After that we are to get 7-15 inches of snow through Friday with highs in the 30’s.  It will be ideal sap weather through the weekend and then it warms up a little.  There is no big warm up in site so the trees will still give up sap till that happens. The pond in the Harmon woods still had some ice in it.so the frogs won’t be coming out yet..  Even though  it hasn’t froze for the last four days we continue to get sap at about 1/2 to 2/3 of normal or about 7500 gallons of sap.  The only people getting sap over the last four days are the ones with high vacuum systems.  If we hadn’t switched to vacuum last season we would probably be done like Rip Gilles. 

Yesterday I was back in the woods after taking 3 days off to go to Green Bay for a bowling tournament.  I checked the bill hill black line with a level to make sure it was all in a downward angle. The vacuum can move air quicker than liquid so if you can get keep the line from having any upward slope you get better performance, I found 2 leaks - one on a main line joint which was fixed by tightening the clamp and a small cut on the far end tree by Zielinger’s tank
Then I was off to the Harmons to check the woods.   On the edge two small dead trees had fallen on lines.  The pressure was still good on the new booster at 16 lbs with sap coming in so no issues there.  I then started to check the black drain line from Vinny’s woods.  I fixed  a manifold leak (wire was broke) and tightened the line so it was a consistent downward angle.  I’ll head to the woods today to finish that line and help Jim pickup the sap in the homewoods and Pittmans with the Harmon tanks.  

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