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August 2020
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Cleaning Up
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Hi 39 and low of 29 today & cloudy.  The sap started running about 10:30 and we collected 4000-5000 gallons again.   The sap coming yesterday and less today had white strings/pieces in it.   This is from the bacteria that had grown on the inside of the lines during the warm spell before the storm.  The two days of hard running will clear out the white junk.  After emptying the tanks we let the final 20-30 gallons that contained most of the white junk (it sinks to the bottom of the tanks) run out onto the ground.   The sap is hard to process with the white strings since the filters plug up quicker, there is  more foaming on the evaporator and it’s harder to maintain a constant temperature.  After today this issue should be gone. 

Today Brad Jim and I redid the 3/4″ drain lines in the homewoods that connected to the exchanger.   We used a tree on the south hill to anchor the lines.  The goal was to make sure there was a downward angle to the exchanger and that it would be easier to hookup and unhook the lines each year.   The sap was running already which made it more exciting but we got it done.  We also fixed the drain line from the pickup tank.  The drain hose and come apart - probably from being flexed so many times over the years.  Heading out from the woods we could see that we accomplished our goal  The sap was coming in as a steady stream.  Vacuum systems work the best when the lines are not completely full of sap.  The vacuum can move air quicker than liquid so is the lines are at the correct angles the vacuum gets further into the system. 
Brad and I then checked the Harmon woods to make sure everything was ok after the storm. .  Brad go temporarily stuck on Bruce’s ATV since there were large drifts around it near the camper.  The previous snowless woods now was covered in a thick blanket of  about 6″ of compressed snow.   We found a few drops pulled off due to branches falling on the lines and found a few leaks.  You drive the ATV for awhile,  turn it off and then listen for whistling.  You then place 3M vinyl flexible electrical tape over the holes to seal them.  By the inside dam two trees had their tops snapped off which fell and knocked down lines. Brad got them all fixed since I had to leave at 3:15 for River Falls.  I think we are now ready for the big run tomorrow which should break the Weiss Woods one year record for syrup.  We also will be going to the Pittman’s appreciation breakfast tomorrow morning. We now have about 1,770 gallons of syrup made from 56,000 gallons of sap. The record is 1883 that was collected in 2013. 

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