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August 2020
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Time to Tap
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We’ve decided to start tapping the Harmon Woods this Saturday, March 16th.   A low pressure system has brought temps into the 40’s and rain over the last 3 days which should wake up the trees from their deep winter slumber.  This will also reduce the snowpack 50% and make it easier to snowshoe on top of the snow instead of sinking into the powder.  The weather forecast is predicting perfect sap weather starting early next week.   On Tuesday Jim cleared the road into the Harmon woods with his John Deere tractor where it had drifted shut from last weekends storm.  4 deer were standing in the cleared area by the memorial sign where we had previously removed the snow and they were reluctant to leave it to go into the 30 inches of snow.  There were many deer tracks on the roads we had cleared as the deer are trying to survive till spring.  Jim also cleared 2/3 of the the road into the Homewoods until running into slippery conditions.  He’ll finish up Friday after the snow melt.   Dave snowshoed to the collection tank and cleared the snow from the wagon.  The snow depth was as high as the floor of the wagon - the highest we have ever seen. He also connected the drain lines to the vacuum exchanger and made sure the drain valve on the 500 gallon collection tank was closed.  The homewoods is ready to tap.  Dave went back to the Harmon Woods, put on snowshoes and carried a short roll of 3/4″ drain line to the inside dam.  He then connected the 3/4″ drain line from the dump tanks to the 3/4″ line that comes from the slough trees after disconnecting it from the Y connector by the inside dam.  After sealing up the 3/4″ line at the Y with a 5″ pc of the sealed end of  the 3/4″ line he only had to add 20′ to connect the two lines together.   The new line will add more capacity for vacuum and sap flow from the slough trees.  The new line is connected to the main 1″ line that goes to the vacuum booster.  On Friday Jim, Dave and Greg will setup the vacuum wagon and collection tanks on Patnode Lane.  IF we get done early we’ll start tapping some trees that afternoon.  Spring is here. 

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