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August 2020
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First Tanker Pickup
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Jason and Deb picked up about 2,900 gallons of sap today with Dave’s help from the Harmon Woods. The weather was sunny and about 46 degrees - the best sap weather to date.   It was a quick startup - the tanks and vacuum wagon was set Friday - woods tapped Saturday to Monday and first sap pickup Tuesday.  Warm weather is to continue so should be a good week.   The sap was clear and cold - should make a golden amber.  This is the second year of using vacuum and running the sap 1200′ through underground lines for easy pickup on Patnode Lane.  We are lucky we setup this new system since it’s easier to setup.  If we used the old way to pull a hose over 1200′ to the woods and set the tanks in the creek area we would not have gotten setup this week.   The valley and creek were flooding due to the snow melt/rain.   Today Jim attempted to clear the road to the homewoods but it’s too slippery and snow too deep.   So the homewoods is still not tapped since we won’t be able to pickup the sap. He’s now calling some neighbors with different equipment to see if they can clear the road.  Today Dave put on his snowshoes and went down the hill to make sure the vacuum booster was working and the drain lines were all in good condition. The main 1″ line had a small tree on.   He then noticed a large tree had fallen on one of the 3/4″ drain line to the booster. He found a small leak in the outlet hose - shoveled snow off of 30′ of the two 1.5″ lines from the booster to where they go underground at the edge of the woods.   He then checked the drain lines from the west and made sure there were no leaks and sags.  Lunch at the camper and then back down the hill with the chainsaw and snow shovel. The hills are 45 degree and about 250-300′ high through 2 feet of snow so it was difficult travel but I made it no worse for the wear. Shoveled snow off another 50′ of drain line before heading to the Patnode Lane tanks. The pump was filled with gas and started easily - we’ve had this pump at least 15 years and still runs great. An adjustment was made to take pressure off the hose leading to the exchanger which had a small leak.  After fixing we got two pounds increase in vacuum.  We still need to check the woods over the next two days for leaks or taps missed  

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